Reason Five: Texas Economy is International

Texas Investment Investment Paradigm

Texas is an important player in international trade. It is truly an artery in the flow of the global economy. Numerous seaports along the Gulf of Mexico receive goods from all over the world. Interstate 35 is the major artery of overland shipping between the United States and its largest trading partner, Mexico. Rail lines crisscross the state, hauling goods to distant places.

The value of total exports via Texas in 2009 was more than $162 billion, accounting for 15.4 percent of U.S. exports. Texas exported more than $1 billion in goods to 25 countries in 2009. Mexico accounted for 34.4 percent of Texas exports in 2009, followed by Canada (8.5 percent) and China (5.5 percent).

The article on which this series is based will be published in the October issue of Tierra Grande. It’s called “Nine Reasons to Invest in Texas.”