Reason Seven: Texas’ Affordable Housing Sector

Texas Investment Paradigm

The average price of an owner-occupied Texas housing unit in 2009 was $125,000, about 68 percent of the national average. More affordable housing in Texas is an important factor for attracting more population to settle in the state and expanding the state’s economy.

The lower cost of living allows wages to be lower, which helps Texas businesses remain globally competitive.

Thousands of families move to Texas each year. Wages are lower in Texas than other areas of the country, but so is the cost of living. Media pundits don’t matter. What does matter are the facts. People vote with their feet and with their dollars.

The burgeoning population growth in Texas speaks for itself.

The article on which this series is based will be published in the October issue of Tierra Grande. It’s called “Nine Reasons to Invest in Texas.”