Reason Eight: Texans’ Entrepreneurial Spirit

Texas Investment Paradigm

Entrepreneurship seems to be a forgotten word in our country these days. It seems the only answer to job losses is to expand unemployment benefits. Americans know better.

Adversity is what creates the desire for new opportunity. When 50 people get laid off from their employer, sometimes the 20 best get together and form a new company to compete with their previous employer. Americans know this, and so do Texans.

The percentage of nonbusiness-owning adults who start a business each month is an important measure of entrepreneurial activity. One important measure of entrepreneurship is the number of entrepreneurs per 1,000 adults.

According to the Kauffman Index of Entrepreneurial Activity, Texas ranked fourth in entrepreneurial activity (450 per 100,000 adults) in 2009 after Oklahoma, Montana and Arizona.

The article on which this series is based will be published in the October issue of Tierra Grande. It’s called “Nine Reasons to Invest in Texas.”