Where the Jobs Are in America

I have worked at three different universities over the past 30 years and have enjoyed many conversations with parents and students about employment options. After a recent conversation on this topic, I wanted to do some homework to see how compensation varies among different jobs in America.

For those who have children who will be going to college in the next few years, here is one bit of information that could be part of the discussion in helping your child choose a major field of study.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates how many people are employed in a wide variety of jobs in America. Here is the compensation and number of workers in the major employment categories from the BLS latest report. I have sorted them by annual average wage and also included the number of people reported to be employed in that field.

Keep in mind that there are many people who excel in careers that earn wages way above the average reported by the BLS. This is why some of us strive to continuously educate and train ourselves throughout our lifetime to provide world-class service in whatever field we serve.

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